About Cargill in the UK

Cargill has been active in the United Kingdom since 1955 and now employs over 3,500 people in 22 locations, in Bathgate, Dalton, Hereford (two locations), Hull, Lichfield, Liverpool (five locations), London (two locations), Manchester, Newent, Shobdon, Weybridge, Witham St Hughs, Woking, Wolverhampton, Worksop and York.
Cargill also has an agriculture joint venture with Allied Grain (part of ABF), under the name Frontier Agriculture.

Cargill has activities in the following areas in the United Kingdom:

  • alcohol
  • animal feed ingredients
  • aqua nutrition
  • asset management
  • cotton trading
  • energy volatility management solutions
  • financial services and risk management
  • food and feed ingredients sales
  • grain and oilseed trading
  • industrial chocolate
  • ocean transportation and logistics
  • oilseed crushing, refining and hardening
  • poultry processing
  • primary cocoa processing
  • production and sales of glucose syrups, starches and starch derivatives
  • specialty food ingredients including texturisers

Recent Cargill Investments in the United Kingdom

2015       Cargill acquired EWOS, a global leader in salmon nutrition which includes a manufacturing facility in Scotland.
2015Cargill acquired ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company’s), a global chocolate business with a location site in Liverpool, UK.
2013Cargill announced phased £35 million investment in Hereford poultry operations to increase production capacity of fresh UK chickens.
2011Cargill completed the acquisition of Provimi, a leading global producer of animal feed.
2011Cargill acquired Royal Nedalco, a producer of premium potable and industrial alcohol.
2008Cargill announced the expansion of its poultry operations in the UK with the acquisition of Freeman’s of Newent Ltd. (Freeman’s), a primary chicken processing business in Gloucestershire.
2007Cargill started processing wheat at its new starches and sweeteners facility in Manchester.
2005Cargill announced its intention to invest in a state-of-the-art wheat-based sweeteners plant at its Manchester facility.
2005Cargill began trading emissions, electricity and gas from its new office in King Street, London.
2004Banks Cargill Agriculture and Allied Grain (part of ABF) combined their existing UK operations trading under the name of Frontier Agriculture.
2004Cargill acquired The Nestlé Group's primary cocoa processing facility in York.
2003Cargill acquired OCG Cacao's industrial chocolate business, including its plant in Worksop.
2002Cargill acquired Cerestar - a leading provider of starch and starch derivatives - the largest acquisition in Cargill's history, including Cerestar's sweeteners plant in Manchester.