Local Initiatives

As we expand around the globe, we are creating strong relationships with our customers, employees and communities. We recognize our continued success depends on the growth and health of our communities and partners, as well as the vitality and conservation of our natural resources.

We support programmes that focus on improving nutrition and health, education and environmental stewardship. Our corporate contributions are supplemented by our individual businesses and employee-led fundraising and volunteer efforts through more than 250 Cargill Cares Councils around the world.

In the UK, we have five Cares Councils who support a number of initiatives and projects across the UK, some of these include:

Health and Nutrition

  • Provided funds to local school in Leatherhead in Surrey, to build an outdoor eating area enabling every student to have access to a healthy nutritious meal.
  • Supporting Lincolnshire Businesses for Breakfast programme which enables 16 local schools to provide healthy breakfasts and advice on health and nutrition.
  • Employee volunteers helped to establish vegetable gardens at a local homeless shelter in Manchester. These vegetables allow the shelter to provide home-grown healthy meals to those who use their service.


  • Working with the Salford Education Business Partnership to run food science workshops for local school students.
  • A group of volunteers provide one-to-one reading sessions with local schools in Manchester.


  • Partnering with the Surrey Cares Trust in order to protect and enhance Surrey waterways.
  • Funding and creating a wildlife garden for a local school in Witham St Hughs.
  • In Hereford we partnered with Concern Universal to highlight the importance of water conservation.

Spotlight on two examples of Cargill’s local partnerships in the UK

Cargill and BrightCrop - challenging perceptions of careers in food or farming - investing in the next generation 


When over 1,500 young people in the United Kingdom were asked whether they would consider a career in food or farming, a staggering 96 percent said no! Jobs in those two industries are often perceived as low-paid, boring, dirty, repetitive and old-fashioned. The food and agricultural industries clearly needed a reputation overhaul with this group.

Bright Crop, the first industry-led initiative to tackle this issue, is challenging this perception while showcasing the wide variety of careers available in farming and food supply. Its interactive and appealing website aims to inspire the next generation, allowing children ages 14 to 18 a chance to explore the diverse roles available in the industry.

On Bright Crop’s website, four employees from Cargill’s UK businesses talk about their careers with more to come…

  • Watch Nick Ham Every month, Nick is responsible for rearing over 40,000 chicks into chickens that will become laying hens for the food industry.
  • Read about Luke Walsh Luke started as an apprentice at Cargill’s starches and sweeteners plant in Manchester, England, and now is a trainee electrical engineer in charge of the safety, reliability and integrity of all the high and low voltage distribution systems at the plant.
  • Read about Christopher Lee Henderson Chris arranges for cotton to be shipped worldwide with the correct documentation from Cargill’s Liverpool Office. Every day he deals with multiple international stakeholders to make sure that Cargill delivers on its promises.
  • Read about Elliot Clewley Elliot is part of Cargill’s European graduate program working in the grain and oilseed business. Since starting at Cargill, he has worked at both crush plants in the UK and spent six months in Hungary.

For Cargill, supporting Bright Crop is an opportunity to highlight the diverse jobs within the company through videos and testimonials, as well as allow our employees to volunteer to become STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) ambassadors who can help foster interest in these critical subjects during students’ school years. To date, over 30 Cargill UK employees have signed up and received training for this program.

Brightcrop advertisement.

Cargill currently is one Bright Crop’s main sponsors, and John Reed, Agricultural Director for Cargill's European chicken, serves on the steering committee representing all Cargill food and agriculture businesses in the UK.

 Cargill helps FareShare to fight hunger and its underlying causes and ensure no good food is wasted

UK FareShare fact sheet thumbnail
FareShare Fact Sheet (pdf)

As part of Cargill’s approach to supporting access to safe, nutritious food supplies in our local communities, Cargill has given its support to FareShare, a national food charity whose mission is to relieve food poverty in the community and find a solution to the environmental problems of surplus but still edible food, and whose message is that “no good food should be wasted”.


According to a 2013 study by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a total of 842 million people in 2011 -2013 were estimated to be suffering from chronic hunger. At the same time roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tons per year.

In the UK alone, 3 million tonnes of food is being sent to waste every year while over 13 million people in the UK live in poverty.

FareShare redistributes surplus food to a network of more than 910 charities, including homeless shelters, breakfast clubs for children and women’s refigure centers, helping to feed 43,700 people every day.

Last year, FareShare provided food for more than 10 million meals. 88% of this food was surplus and would have otherwise gone to waste.

Cargill began supporting FareShare in 2009 – with a two year commitment to help establish FareShare Merseyside – the 13th FareShare depot in the UK. Now five years later and over £400,000 provided in funding, (which in meal terms is equivalent to serving approximately 1,166,000 meals), the company has signed up to a new three-year £225,000 commitment to support FareShare North West and FareShare Merseyside, in order to allow for even more food to be redistributed to those communities in need.

Cargill employees are also providing volunteer support at FareShare’s Liverpool and Manchester depots, sharing expertise and raising awareness of the efforts of FareShare in their local communities.

As a company dedicated to being the global leader in nourishing people, Cargill is working to address the complex challenge of feeding the world while at the same time protecting the planet. Cargill advocates for policies that let markets work and enable farmers to thrive; helps expand access to food, improves nutrition and pursues partnerships to end hunger; and works to increase agricultural productivity and incomes while ensuring responsible use of natural resources. Over the past five years, Cargill has contributed more than $81 million to reduce hunger and improve nutrition globally.