Cargill has been operating in Hull since 1985 and has around 40 employees.

Cargill’s plant in Hull crushes rapeseed and specialty crops to extract crude oil and mid protein meal.

These products are developed for various applications in food (e.g. margarines), biodiesel and animal feed.

The Hull plant also has facilities to out load to barge and export oil.

In Hull we produce:

  • Crude rapeseed oil
  • Rape meal

The Hull plant has a capacity of 750 metric tonnes of seed per day. This produces:

  • Approx. 420 metric tonnes of rape meal per day
  • Approx. 323 metric tonnes rape oil per day

The crush plants is managed from the Witham St Hughs office in Lincolnshire where Cargill also undertakes merchandising and trade risk management.

Location history

December 1985 Cargill acquired Hull crush plant from Croda Premier Oils


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