Cargill has a number of operations in Liverpool, including a soybean crush and refinery, a rapeseed crush and refinery, an imported feed ingredient terminal, a cotton trading office, and a chocolate and compound production site.

Cargill’s soybean crush and refinery based in Seaforth, Liverpool has been operating since 1986 and has around 50 employees. The crush plant produces high protein soybean meal, soya hulls, crude soya oil and crude lecithin.

Cargill’s rapeseed crush plant and refinery based in Brocklebank, Liverpool has been operating since 1995 and has around 70 employees. The crush plant produces mid protein meal and crude rape oil and has facilities to outload oil for export.

The crush products are developed for various implementations in food (e.g. catering), biodiesel and animal feed. The Seaforth and Brocklebank refineries process the crude vegetable oils further for food chain and technical uses.

Cargill also owns and operates the imported feed ingredient terminal (S2) at Seaforth Dock, which has 19 employees. In 2009/10 the throughput for the S2 terminal was approximately 650,000 metric tonnes.

The crush plants, refineries and S2 terminal are managed from the Witham St Hughs office in Lincolnshire where Cargill also undertakes merchandising and trade risk management

Cargill’s cotton trading office is based at Prince’s Parade, Liverpool and has around 40 employees involved in all aspects of trading, logistics, finance and information technology.

Cargill’s cotton procurement expertise is directed towards a few strategic areas, we ship cotton to all four corners of the globe. In addition, Cargill was one of the first cotton traders to become involved in cotton ginning in order to augment our trading activities and strengthen our sourcing of quality cottons from Africa.

In 2014, Cargill acquired an additional chocolate and compound production facility, based in Liverpool, which has around 70 employees producing dark, milk and white liquid chocolate and compound, as well as powder flakes.

In Liverpool we produce:

  • Crude soyabean and rapeseed oils
  • Soyabean meal and rapeseed meal
  • Soyabean hulls
  • Crude lecithin
  • Refined soyabean, rapeseed and hi oleic sunflower oils
  • Liquid chocolate and compound

Location history


Ralli Brothers was renamed Cargill Cotton


Added two storage sheds to S2 site


Purchased Brocklebank site from Bunge, Seaforth became a dedicated soyabean crush and Brocklebank became a dedicated rapeseed crush


Acquired G3 store from P&O Ferries


Cargill acquired Seaforth site from Continental and purchased S2 terminal

1981Cargill purchased the existing cotton trading operation of Ralli Brothers and Coney


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